Hands that Heal, Teach, Dig, Drill

April 9, 2013 — Leave a comment

This blog posting by my sister gives some simple things you can do to help the poor in Africa and Haiti.

Counting Joy Blog

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Shelves-to-the-ceiling in a Nashville warehouse.

Carefully organized by category.

Huge boxes full of medical equipment, awaiting shipment.

This modest looking warehouse

  • represents hope for struggling villages far across the ocean,
  • represents dignity for men and women who can grow crops and make goods to sell,
  • represents healing for people without regular visits to the doctor, without a neighborhood Walgreens for basic medicines.

Healing Hands International has been around Nashville since 1991 when a college professor at David Lipscomb University challenged his business students with a project to send medical supplies to Eastern European countries. That small vision has grown into a broad-sweeping organization that is meeting needs from Zimbabwe across all of Africa to South and Central America and over to Japan and beyond.

Since attending a Women of Hope conference on a snowy February Saturday I have had this strong pull to their Women Worth a Million project…

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